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Our Committee

UNIT Chapters

In 2014, we became the fourth UNIT chapter by establishing ourselves at The University of Melbourne. 

In 2018, we became affiliated with the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) at the University. 

Since inception, our teams have changed but our goals remain the same. 

We continue forward as a club focused on increasing awareness of finance for all students, while being a leader at equipping the next generation with the practical skills needed to succeed outside the classroom.

Our Events

We host seminars in personal finance and financial modelling, led by our popular ‘Investing 101’ and ‘Excel Modelling’ events catering towards all levels of investing and trading knowledge. 

In addition, we hold various panels throughout the year covering career pathways, internships and more.

Our Competitions

Every year, UNIT runs various case competitions nationally. This includes the Citi ‘Global Markets Challenge’ (GMC) which gives all students the chance to research and pitch a portfolio of investments in front of a panel of judges at Citi. 

The winners will receive fast-tracked interviews for a coveted internship with Citi.

Our Publications

In our writing team, we focus on two series:

  1. Interest pieces: We cover topics of interest at the initiative of our diverse writing team.
  2. Personal Finance: We give an introduction to the basics of investing and how to make investing decisions.


If you’re a student at The University of Melbourne, sign up for free membership with UNIT UniMelb. This will give you proof to access our free events held throughout the semester and add you the mailing list of the UNIT newsletter.

If you’re not a student at UniMelb, sign up at your home university and we’ll see you for our joint events.